Irish Myths and Legends


Irish mythology is rich and deep -- the stories have a timeless appeal full of adventure, intrigue and otherworld magic.  Daithi and the class will read translations of the oldest versions of some of the myths, filling in the background from Dáithí's studies of Celtic culture, and encouraging conversation and discussion about what the stories may mean to us.


Spring: In this semester, Dáithí and the class will look at several stories relating to Finn mac Cumaill (MacCool) and the legendary kings of Ireland, choosing myths and legends that haven’t been dealt with in previous classes. The myths and legends of early Ireland are always intriguing, mysterious and occasionally shocking, and provide plenty of fun material for discussion and contemplation.


Summer: We are lucky enough to have an abundance of old stories preserved in manuscripts dealing with Otherworld creatures and legendary kings, queens and heroes. In this class Dáithí and students will be reading translations of the old myths and legends — these always give rise to fascinating and entertaining conversations, often with lessons for the present. This class will be dealing with stories not covered in previous sessions.

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